12 in 1 Survival Grenade

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An Adventure Rogue Staff Favorite.  We love this 550 Paracord Survival Grenade for EDC.  Also great to throw in your back pack, car or bug out bag.   


-9 full feet of Durable 550 Paracord

-Military Grade Snap Hook

-2 Fishing hooks 

-2 Fishing Floats 

-2 Fishing swivels 

-2 Fishing weights 

-Fishing line 

-Flint for fire starting 

-Tinder which can be used as kindling for fire starting 

-Tin foil which can be use for cooking, signaling, and reflecting heat 

-An alcohol Pad For Disinfecting or assisting in fast ignition for emergency fires 

-2 Safety pins 

-A razor sharp knife blade for your cutting needs

##|| Holiday SPECIAL ||##

As of November 22:  we have 125 units in stock and are offering them at a 50% OFF discount.  Once this batch of inventory has been purchased, we will raise the rate to full retail; BUT, don't worry! ... The full retail rate is still an amazing deal for this Survival Grenade

Happy Adventures!