TreeHouse Hammock

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Our TreeHouse Hammock is a staff favorite.  On backpacking trips we prefer to ditch our heavy and clumsy tents and go with this space-saving ultralight solution!  In fact, we use this for just about every excursion, from hanging out in our backyard to car camping and everything in between.  We love that it keeps you off the ground and its natural curve prevents the need for lugging a pillow along on your trip.  It only weighs 18oz and packs down to the size of a grapefruit.  It's even big enough for two people!  

The TreeHouse Hammock includes 2 ropes and carabiners which is all you need to get the hammock hung up and ready for some relaxing!  However, we recommend picking up our adjustable straps if you want to hang your hammock between trees more than 3 meters apart (sold separately; see below). 

Type: Two Person Parachute Hammock
Weight: 18oz (520g)
Max bearing weight: 400lb
Fabric size: 8.85ft x 4.6ft  (270 x 140cm)
Package including: 1 hammock 2 ropes 2 carabiner

As of May 28:  we have 100 units of each color in stock and are offering them at a 65% OFF discount.  Once this batch of inventory has been purchased, we will raise the rate to full retail; BUT, don't worry! ... The full retail rate is still an explosive deal for our TreeHouse Hammock
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