Backcountry Ice Towel

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Adventure Rogue's Backcountry Ice Towel features proprietary lightweight microfiber fabric technology that instantly activates when wet. Just soak the towel in water, wring it out and snap it in the air to activate its cooling properties. Great for use on your head, neck, or other hot spots while adventuring in the outdoors on hot summer days.

Material: Microfiber fabric, chemical free

Dimensions: 39" x 12"

Sun Protection: UPF 50



As of June 29:  we have 50 units of each color in stock and are offering them at a HUGE DISCOUNT  Once this batch of inventory has been purchased, we will raise the rate to full retail; BUT, don't worry! ... The full retail rate is still an explosive deal for our Backcountry Ice Towel.

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